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Your students have gotten into the flow of your classroom routine. And you are starting to get into the rhythm of things too. You may have had a great start to the school year, when everything was still fresh and new. The question is how do you hold your student’s interest and continue to engage them and motivate them to keep trying their best? It is essential to remind them of the structures and core values you set up for them at the beginning of the year.


1. Keep it fresh and exciting

Present the material in a new and different way. Make it come alive for your class by relating the lesson to something in current culture. It doesn’t always need to directly relate to the latest pop song, but it always helps to think outside of the box when presenting material to your students. Show them how to relate it to the real world. Making it personal and relatable to them makes it real and gives the information value that they can grasp onto.



2. Make it hands on

One fun way to engage your students in the fastest way is to make what you are learning into a game! You can break your students up into teams and have them discuss an aspect of the lesson as you play a game or hold a contest for each group. It can be anything from making a list of as many adjectives they can come up with to practicing their spelling words together. Host a game show or mock TV interview or debate.  This makes it come alive to the students in a thrilling way. Lights, camera, action!



 3. Get feedback

Ask your students what they want to learn about! Get feedback from them on what they are learning; what helps them to learn and what they need further help with. It is okay to get their opinions and see where they are at. You can let them know you will decide what is best but will take their ideas into consideration. Let them use the topics for special research projects or work them into your lessons plans every Friday or once a month. It can be a way to reward students for their hard work as they learn how to see that learning can be something they can get excited about and take ownership of!