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When was the last time someone complimented you or brightened your day with a smile? Building rapport with your coworkers is a crucial step towards creating a safe, joyful and fulfilling place to work and grow. Giving someone encouragement or showing kindness is a simple way to make where you work your dream job.


Every person has the ability to make a difference in their corner of the world. This means doing what you are best at. It involves using your skills and abilities and time to show people they matter and helping them to move closer to their goals. It can be a simple extra moment spent with someone asking about their day. Or giving them a few ideas on how to plan a lesson for something they need help with. You never know the difference you could make for someone in need, even in a small, simple way.


When you take the extra time to do what you excel at and share this with others, there will be a ripple effect. You will benefit by helping others. You will grow and improve in your skills. Other people will look and take notice and be inspired to be great at what they do, too.


We all have a certain sphere of influence. Think of who and where you hold influence. No one can impact the people you can in the exact way that you do. Use this to your advantage to help other people in the way you are best at. Are you a natural leader? Say yes to that opportunity that excites you and challenges you. Are you an encourager? Support someone and assist them on the way to achieving their dreams; you can do this by showing them how or by being their cheerleader. Believe in those around you. Any person can be great and can bloom with the right encouragement and support.


Sometimes all it takes is someone believing in you. Remember a time when a person in your life said something to you that made you stand up taller; made you want to fight or dance or rise up in the greatness that you were called to. You can be that person for someone else. The butterfly effect can reach many people when you reach out your hand to those around you. Your influence will multiply to the world around you as you free someone and help them arise as only you can do.  We each have a unique role and sphere of influence to reach other people in a different way than anyone else can. How can you best be aware of this today? How will you spend a moment in time to encourage another or use your unique gifting and skills to reach the world? The world is before you; so many possibilities to make a true, lasting difference in someone else’s life and in your own as well.