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Teaching as a lifelong learner


                The world is before you. Your soul is on fire. You are charged, electric, ready and rearing to go. You are ready to explore! It is time for the adventure. It is time to explore your surroundings, either for the first time in a new place, or by choosing to look for and see all of the new things around you in a familiar place. There is always something new and beautiful to find and appreciate. This is true whether you are in a new, foreign land for the first time ever or in your hometown. There is joy and growth in exploration. This is the zest of life!


                As a teacher, it is crucial to feed your soul and always keep learning. This is how to keep your persona as a teacher fresh, but also to keep yourself motivated and passionate about teaching your students. It is an exciting thing to learn from someone who truly enjoys learning and seeing the world! You will be benefitted and your students will be motivated to always see the joy in their learning; you will make it come alive for them.


                When you return from your adventure, your face will be aglow as you share your joy with your students. Excitement is contagious and the thrill will flow. You will breathe new life into your students and could even spark a new career dream or goal for one student! The impact on one child alone could be so great. Making a child smile or bringing joy, motivation and excitement alone is a small way to build up your students. This is a part of the privilege and joy of teaching. You never know the impact you could make on even one life.


                      Great teachers are those who care, share, and spread joy. When you care, you impact your students by showing them they are seen and that they matter. They have value. This is a huge gift to give to someone. When you share your knowledge and passion on a topic, you are inspiring and empowering the next generation. You are literally building into the future doctors, teachers, lawyers, mechanics, hair stylists, handymen and service people who all have great value; you then multiply your reach through them for continued impact and hope for others. The potential positive difference you could make is endless!



                  The reward you receive from teaching is immense. Not only do you get to breathe in life and share joy, you are always learning new things and improving and making life better. The investment as a teacher is so worth it. The reward is better than gold; it is joy and hope and changed lives. You never know the impact of your reach. Keep teaching; keep learning always. Get out there and explore! Find your next adventure!