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As a teacher, the ideal is to have all of the pencils sharpened, desks lined up neatly, lesson plans all set up and activities ready to go. All tied together neatly with a bow, or, more preferably, the apple on the teacher’s desk.


In reality, it can be a scramble when last minute changes are needed or a back up plan is needed to be put into effect.  Remember, you are a capable teacher! Sometimes, when things don’t go as planned, you can still find the teachable moment in it all and can teach your students a lifelong lesson.


In the meantime, as it is just the start of the school year, now is a great time to keep the momentum going. As the leaves start to change color, it can be easy to slip into the mindset of normalcy and routine. But now is the time to get a second wind! Keep reaching out to others as you’ve done before.  


Take the next step.  Get out of your comfort zone. Spark a topic for conversation. Talk to another teacher you don’t know very well. Offer your help with even a small task that you see someone could use assistance with. Ask for help when you see someone doing something very well that you would like to learn how to do.


Partnership and teamwork is crucial in any field, especially in teaching. When challenges arise, you need a team around you to help you. When the lemons go sour, so to speak, it’s a life-saver to have people around you to pick you up again and remind you how to make lemonade. A co-worker can give you a new perspective on a challenging situation and it can be the thing that turns it all around!


 Encouragement and community are a vital part of life. Studies show that those who are plugged into community and have a strong support system around of people they care about are healthier and live longer. It’s the key to a full, vibrant, joyful life! You are a happier person when you know you are loved and cared for by those around you.


And it all starts with taking the first step. It can be as simple as a greeting or lending a hand. Every relationship starts somewhere. Start building into those key relationships at your workplace or school today; you can make anyone’s day better, including your own!


Image result for teamwork teachers