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Everyone loves receiving a letter or note. It is a great way to show how much you appreciate someone or that you are thinking of them. It can brighten anyone’s day. Sending a thank you note can speak volumes to someone and can deepen your friendships and working relationships. It is a simple and sweet way to let someone know that you value them.


A great way to improve your working relationships is to show appropriate appreciation. It can be a simple thank you note for someone who helped you set up your classroom or change a bulletin board. A short note can go a long way in letting someone know just how much they mean to you.


A father once told the story of how much thank you notes impacted him. He loved getting them so much that he made it a point to send them out to others. He would send his son a simple thank you note in appreciation for a lunch or a well timed phone call of encouragement. He consistently let him know how much he loved and appreciated him and it improved their relationship.  A grateful acknowledgement of someone’s effort can pay larger dividends on your relationship than you might imagine. It shows them that they truly matter to you and makes the relationship even greater and longer lasting. You don’t take them for granted.


On the same token, it is great to reach out to people you work with or the parents of your students. Sending out a newsletter or note of acknowledgement that you appreciate them joining in with the classroom activities can go a long way. Parents love to feel invited in and a part of things in their children’s education.  Sending a simple thank you note for being a great parent is a great way to keep inviting parents in and making them feel welcomed; as a contributing member toward their child’s education.


Invite your students into the art of the thank you note as well. Encourage them to look around the classroom and show appreciation to others with a thank you note. It can be a fun weekly activity that can engage your students; it can improve their social skills as well as their writing and communication skills. It can also open their eyes to all the things they can be thankful for, making it a happier place to be and can build greater relationships among your students. Who is someone can you send a thank you note to today?