Seller Info



Seller Info

A. Fees.

Membership Fees and Service Fees. Sellers who wish to sell their Content through the Service must join RelaGrav. Two types of membership are available for Sellers: (i) Basic Membership and (ii) Premium Membership. Basic Members who are Sellers pay no annual membership fee. Premium Members who are Sellers must pay an annual membership fee of $44.95. Basic Members and Premium Members who are Sellers both will be charged service fees on sales made through the Service, as set forth in greater detail in Section B below. Sellers can upgrade membership from the Basic level to the Premium level at any time. Buyers who wish to purchase Content through the Service also must join RelaGrav. Buyers pay no membership fee to join TEACHWISE and there is no service fee for Buyers who purchase materials from Sellers through the Service.

B. Agreement of Seller to Pay Service Fees

In consideration for the services provided by RelaGrav, you (Seller) agree to pay RelaGrav a service fee (“Service Fee”) for all Content you sell to Buyers through the Service, in accordance with the following: (i) Basic Members will pay a Service Fee equal to 25% of the sale price of each item of digital Content sold plus 30 cents per item; (ii) Premium Members will pay a Service Fee equal to 10% of the sale price of each item of digital Content sold.

For each transaction, RelaGrav will automatically deduct the Service Fee from the sale price collected from Buyers through the Service, and then will distribute the remaining amounts to the Seller on a weekly basis for premium members and bimonthly for basic members.

RelaGrav will charge a fee for making each Monthly Payout that is equal to but not more than the cost to RelaGrav from its respective payment processors for making the payout. This fee is subject to change at the discretion of the payment processors, and will be taken directly out of your Monthly Payout.